Software Science Inc is now shipping its PSKMeter kit, a microprocessor-controlled device to monitor and control PSK31 and PSK63 RF output for maximum strength signal with little or no distortion (splatter).

PSK31 is the up and coming new digital mode for amateur radio operators. Using just a sound card and a transceiver hams are using a few watts to work stations around the world. The only problem is constantly adjusting the sound card's audio level to get the best signal without splatter. This new device takes over that job automatically. PSKMeter owners routinely report simply great received signals.

PSKMeter is a simple-to-build fun kit that comes with a printed circuit board, pre-programmed PIC processor and all parts necessary to construct the device in about one hour. PSKMEter requires a second serial port (for Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP a special driver can be downloaded that enables a single serial port to be shared). Alternatively we offer a USB converter option that can be used in place of the second serial port.

Also required: a BNC "T" connector to tap into the feed line, and an adapter to power the PSKmeter. A Windows application program, PSKMeter.exe then samples the RF output, analyzes the signal, displays the outgoing IMD level and then controls the sound card audio level, finding the optimum drive level for greatest signal strength without distortion. Price: $39.35. For more information, including the downloadable assembly manual, user's guide and free PC software go to