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Now shipping firmware 1.1 with PSK63 support and
software version with support for COM ports 10 and greater.

"PSKmeter is probably the MOST IMPORTANT development for PSK31 since DigiPan!"

--Skip Teller, KH6TY, creator of Digipan.

"The PSKmeter may be the Holy Grail PSK operators have been seeking..."

--Steve Ford, WB8IMY, QST February 2004.


QST "Short Takes", Februrary 2004

Presentation at Pacificon 2003

Presentation at DCC 2003

Assembly Manual

PSKMeter software



Mods you can make to your PSKMeter

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If you operate PSK31, you already know the importance of a properly tuned signal. Too much audio coming from your computer's sound card, and you can create splatter over a large section of the band. Too little audio and you might just be more QRP than you really want. The golden mean is somewhere in between. But how to know what the proper audio setting should be?

There are crude ways of estimating what your audio setting ought to be, but these don't really guarantee best results--plus, you have to tune up over and over again as you change audio frequencies, and as you use your computer's sound card for other applications. Our solution has been to develop a microprocessor-based RF signal sampler that periodically checks your RF output, computes its IMD locally, and automatically sets the sound card's audio level to provide the highest RF output with minimum distortion. The program can be set to run continuously in the background, so that you are free to enjoy transmitting perfect PSK31 signals!

The hardware and software to accomplish this is called the PSKMETER.

For details about just how PSK31 works, and some of the original design concepts of PSKMeter, download KF6VSG's presentation at Pacificom 2002: A Digital PSK31 Meter: a digital field strength meter for your PSK31 station (1.3 megabytes).

For more in depth information on PSKMeter specifically, with a description of the latest version of PSKMeter as of September 2003, download KF6VSG's presentation at the TAPR/ARRL Digital Communications Conference 2003: Building a digital field strength meter for your PSK31 station( 4.3 megabytes) This Power Point file has lots of the technical details and is printer friendly, too.

The PSKMETER is now available in kit form! You get a professional silk-screened printed circuit board with all components, pre-programmed microprocessor, software and assembly manual. The custom fitting enclosure is available as an option, as well as an optional serial-to-USB converter cable that allows the meter to connect to your computer's USB port instead of another com port.

The assembled kit ready to plug into your Windows computer and feedline. This is all it takes to guarantee that your radiated signal is the very best it can be, automatically! No more splatter or weak signals.

Download the assembly and software manual (982 KB)
Download the latest PSKMETER software (294 KB)
Download the Com Port Sharing Driver (4.8KB for Windows NT, Windows XP or Windows 2000 only. For other OS's, use a dedicated COM port or use the Serial-to-USB driver)
Download the Serial-to-USB Driver (Eliminates the need for a COM port)
Download the Serial-to-USB Driver Manual (1.8MB. Manual describing the step by step installation of the driver)
Download SSITerm
(our version of Hyperterm, if you are using Windows Vista)

Learn more about the PSKMETER or place an order for the kit
Place an order for the enclosure
Place an order for the Serial-to-USB Converter

The PSKMETER kit is shipped to you the same day your place your order. Download the assembly manual and software, and you have everything you need.

PSKMETER is designed to fit perfectly into the optional enclosure for a neat, professional result.
What users are saying:

"Quite honestly, I think the PSKmeter is the only simple, reliable way to determine your true IMD. I hope they sell a bunch! PSKmeter is probably the MOST IMPORTANT development for PSK31 since DigiPan!"
--Skip Teller, KH6TY
(creator of Digipan, commenting on Yahoo's PSK31 user's group)

"The PSKMeter may be the Holy Grail PSK operators have been seeking for several years. WIth a PSKMeter in the feedline, there is no excuse to transmit a dirty signal."
--Steve Ford, WB8IMY, QST Magazine, February 2004, page 66 (Short Takes).

"This is just a note to say T*H*A*N*K* Y*O*U for 'PSKmeter'. This is one of the best kept secrets in the PSK31 community!! I put it on my old 300Mhz laptop and it worked just fine.

The kit building went extremely well. The PCB is easy to solder to and all the parts were clearly marked. It was no problem at all. Then I went on to download the .EXE file and it worked perfectly with the USB COM port adapter on the back of my laptop.

I hooked it to my new Ten-Tec Orion and I was able to get -27db. I could see the immediate effect of PC audio drive, MIC gain, and XMIT SSB DSP signal shaping (XMIT audio equalization settings). Very interesting indeed.

Thanks a million for such a great instrument to have in the shack. My PSK31 will indeed be the best I can generate!"

--73 de ken n9vv

"...anyone really can build it. Once assembled, the test instructions are entirely straightforward and easily followed. Software works great. So does the PSK31 Meter !!!!

I ordered the PSK31 meter and assembled it. I am hardly an adept kit builder. The last kit I did was a Dynaco amplifier back in college [35+ years ago]. Aside from being bemused by the state of my eyesight, I found the directions clear and I was able to assemble the kit in a short morning. An experienced kit builder could probably do it in about half that time. It worked on the first attempt. I purposely mis-adjusted my transmitter and watched the PSK31 meter do the adjustments and reach an optimal level. I tried too much drive and too little drive. It worked either way. I ran a few on air tests with good results. Really, it is a neat product.
--Robert WW6G

"It works fantastic, great on PSK31 and PSK63...looks very, very good. All in all it took me exactly 1 hour to build it including parts checking, layout etc. Also skimmed over the manual before starting construction which that time is included in the one hour. I found the manual to be extremely well written and clear. I am now 63 years old, been licensed since 1956 and have build literally a hundred Heathkits over the years and your manual was better than the old Heath Manuals. Great work George!"
--John KL7GRF
Bayfield, CO

"Just a note to let you know best kit I ever wired...I am 76 years old and have macular degeneration in my eyes so is difficult to see but I wired it in about 2 hours and it works perfect...Thanks for a great product. Everyone needs it for psk31 work."
-- 73 Mel WA5UBN

"I and all other radio amateurs who have seen the device in action have been impressed and I believe when the word gets around you will have many more orders. So thanks for a smart piece of kit George."
--Regards, Eddie - G4LZU.
"The PSKmeter is great and I'm very pleased with your board and software and would be pleased to recommend it to others. Thanks again"
-- John G0WHP
"I have built many kits in the past. This one was one of the highest quality boards I have seen."
-- Lee Olson N9LO
"...the METER IS GREAT..I would say MANDATORY for good psk work..tnx and have a nice day...cul...73"
-- Dr.LOU K3IM

"I ordered the PSK Meter kit, USB serial Port, and enclosure recently, and was very impressed with the short transit time to Canada. Congratulations on providing a very helpful and useful piece of equipment. It was easy to build and it immediately gave me valuable information. I am getting the best IMD readings I have ever seen. Thanks again for a very high quality product. I'll be talking it up."
--Bob Partridge,VE3SRD
Past President,
South Pickering Amateur Radio Club

"I just do not see how anyone that works PSK could do without PSKMETER. I just feel great knowing that I am putting out a clean and strong signal and always get good reports now."
--Arthur Petteway, WB4MNK

"Greetings from Texas! I just wanted you to know that your product is excellent in function and ease of building and operation. I have had a few qso s with Ken ~ N9VV and Skip KH6TY and I find their signals to be excellent with fantastic IMD transmissions.
I finally had to check it out for myself and it does what it says it does.. Hey ! Looking up there in the corner of my MIxW screen and seeing -30 s for my IMD is great! I find myself habitually watching it work in auto mode and experimenting with my TS2000 s tx equalizations is fun too. Thanks again George for a fantastic product ~ You just made us PSK enthusiasts a little more lazier.. no more manual adjustments!! "
-- Gary ~ W5PSK

"It meets a real need, it's cheap, and it's way cool to see something resembling an oscilloscope trace of your transmitted signal on your PC."
-- Fred KC7YRN

"I have completed the PSK meter and it is working beautifully with my Kenwood TS-520, Signalink SL-1 sound card interface and MixW. I would like to thank you for making a great product available to the hobby. I get -32 db IMD figures at all power levels."
-- Mike VE3JBT
"When I run with your kit, the power level gets adjusted to about 80W. My IMD reports are great, -30 or better."
--Rich Carter, KE1EV
"You've got a GREAT product and I certainly will make that known locally in Hawaii. I was asked to give a presentation of PSK31 to new hams next January and PSK-Meter will certainly be a part of that presentation."
--Jim Yuen WH6GS
"WOW!!!! George, this little unit really works well. I had no idea that even mundane things like changing bands, power output, and possibly a host of other things could cause necessary changes in sound card configuration. I can see why so many PSK31 signals are so poor on the bands. I may have been one of them!! I'm sure you've seen how terrible signals can be and are, particularly on 14.070. What a positive influence your unit would have on the signals that would be heard on the air. Well sir, thank you again for making such a great product."
--Ernie Rader, W5NH
"I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your PSKMeter kit. This was the first kit I put together and I couldn't have been more happy with the experience. Everything from the quality of the circuit board to the instructions was first rate. Function-wise, it could not be easier to use. Thanks again."
--Marc, KC2MQI

"I did a 'bench' test with my PSK20 and was amazed how well the meter performed...(quite impressed to find I had been running 'hot' audio into that poor thing for nearly a year!)...this morning I wired it into my main station...Kenwood TS-570DG and found same results...it runs truly AS ADVERTISED and would strongly recommend it to everyone I chat with on PSK! Its terrific product! I have already ordered and had shipped PSK meters for Steve, N4ABC and John, KI4RO....thanks for a fine addition to ham radio! "
--David, KB7ZZ
"The quality of the components in the PSK Meter are only surpassed by the well written construction manual. A real pleasure to build and it works well. "
-- 73 Mark K4VO
"Great kit – great support!"
-- 73, Paul / K9KDR

"...the shipping was almost instantaneous. --- WOW. The steps that you have taken to make this product “buildable” are NOT great but OUTSTANDING.  I consider myself a kit builder with experience – but I wanted to experience the way YOU suggested that it be built.  Wow what a technique!  Congratulations on a job so very well done!!! THANK YOU again, at this point, for the art form of the design, the art form of its quality, and the art form of its outstanding construction instructions.  They are awesome!!!"
--Louis / W1AAJ


"What a great little box. It’s an easy build and it does everything its supposed to do."
--Jon / KF2E


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